Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros

Great news!

My photozine Natureza, Luz, Homem, published last year by Bad Weather Press, was selected for collective photobook exhibition in Museo Reina Sofía called Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros.



Natureza, Luz, Homem listed by Larissa Leclair as one of the 10 best books of 2013 



Yay! Best way to start a new year!

My zine - Natureza, Luz, Homem published by Bad Weather Press was listed by Larissa Leclair as one of the 10 best books of 2013 in the Photo-Eye blog.

You can check the list here.


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Península shows the work of eight young photographers with a special relationship to either Spain or Portugal.

Featured in the zine are: Carlos Cancela PintoAitor GametxoAlba YruelaCarla AndradeKarine Versluis,João SobralLluís Tudela and Icíar J. Carrasco.

Península was edited by Elisa Nelissen and Carlos Cancela Pinto.

To buy a copy, please visit our shop.

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RADIO TOPE: Carlos Cancela Pinto


【vol.05 制作裏話】


‘Natureza, Luz, Homem.’ at CMBMC online store

"Natureza, Luz, Homem" available to buy through CMBMC online store.

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